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10 thoughts on “Aspiring Models

  1. I wold like to get more information about you looking for aspiring models. I left my Facebook profile address for you to look at and if I’m someone you want to work with please let me know. Thank you for your time

  2. Hi just saw your advertisement about the models for photography. Let me know the eligibility to apply for that.

  3. When I was fifteen I modeled for a company in Pleasanton, CA. I was trained in some posing, mostly catwalk and I had a gig for a Macy’s in the area as live advertisement for women’s clothing. I am attending American River College currently aspiring to earn my doctorate of psychology and am looking for a job. I live very close to your studio and would be happy to come in to see what the “new models wanted” signs are all about.

  4. Hey Shannon contact us and we can talk by phone about the aspiring model program. Lupe is my name my cell # is (916) 601-6869. thank you! look forward to hearing from you !

  5. Hi there Monikha if your still interested you can reach me by calling (916)-601-6869 the name is Lupe! look forward to hearing from you !!

  6. Hi Allissa you are more then welcome to come by the studio, you can also reach us by text or phone (916)-601-6869 name is Lupe! I look forward to meeting you.

  7. HI Alicia, My name is Lupe and you can reach us at the studio by text or call at (916)-601-6869. Thank you look forward to hearing from you !!

  8. hi! if your interested in our aspiring modeling program its best to reach us at the following number my name is Lupe! (916)-601-6869.

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